ESSE3 Student management system

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ESSE3 is the Student Management System used by 80% of italian universities: it was born with the reform of italian universities in 1999 (DM 509) e to support universities in the implementation of the Bologna process.

ESSE3 provides the required functionalities to the administrative backoffice as well as to the final users (students, teachers, etc), in order to manage all of the student's life inside the university: from enrollment to courses syllabus, from grades recording to graduation, also including transfers to/from other universities.

Here is a quick overview of the main functionalities covered by ESSE3:

  • Didactic area:
    • Academic offer;
    • Student career management;
    • Exams and graduation;
  • Administrative area:
    • Admission and enrollment
    • Incoming and outgoing student management
  • Taxes:
    • Taxes management
    • Scolarships
    • Accounting periods
  • Post-Lauream and Alumni:
    • State exams
    • Specialization schools
    • Doctorates
    • Internships
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Teachers fill in the details of their course material and students see them according to the chosen courses.