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Didanet Website

A modern website for your school, easy to manage and update without any technical skills.

Based on Drupal 7, the most used open source CMS.

Compliant with all italian laws concerning accessibility and transparency. 

Didanet for Students

A Student Management System for Schools

For a better communication towards families

For well-managed and easy-to-find data.

For a school free from technical burdens: everything is in the cloud.

MyESSE3 Mobile

MyESSE3 Mobile brings your University to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Not just a showcase but an app allowing students to sign up for exams, check their own timetable, monitor their career in terms of grades and CFU, get in touch with teachers, check wich courses they should take and what they should study for a given course. 

And also a showcase for those who are not yet enrolled. 

Communication Builder

Communicate effectively with studentsprospect students, alumni and other targets.

For a digital, customized, integrated online communication,

Know your audience through monitoring and success measurement of actions.

Haiti perspective


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University Planner

To schedule courses and events.

To optimize the use of physical resources.

With a built-in engine to suggest timetables, and the flexibility of manual set-up.